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Can some of the bizarre flight characteristics reported in alleged ufo sightings be simulated with common house hold materials? Strangely enough the answer is yes!
Potter UFO Glider
The FREE Potter UFO Glider
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The Potter UFO Glider is shaped like a classic flying saucer - a wingless disc-shaped craft with no external air control surfaces. The embedded photo, and video above, depict an actual model ready for, and in, flight. The flying saucer glider will lift and stall in a UFO-like "skipping" pattern.

Back Engineered UFO Technology?
Build one for FREE and see!

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer in flying saucer technology the Potter ufo glider is a fun flying model that is more than just a toy.

While a toy disc or frisbee spins, the UFO glider flies without spinning by "skip gliding". This weird aerodynamic skip was first observed by the man who helped coin the term "flying saucer" - Kenneth Arnold. In 1947, Arnold was cruising in his small plane when he observed a formation of nine ufos in flight. He said: "They flew like a saucer would if you skipped it across water."

You can download and fly the paper UFO model glider by printing it out and following the easy "how to" assembly instructions. The flying saucer glider is free and once you've mastered flying it, you can purchase the top secret modification that allows the ufo glider to make right angle turns. Further details about the high and low temperature paradisc model experiment are also included with purchase, as well as the borderland science magazine article about the free ufo glider and related technology.
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If UFOs exist, could some flying saucer technology be related to gliders?

One of the fastest aircraft ever flown is both a space ship and a glider in re-entry mode: the U.S. Space Shuttle.

How does the UFO Glider mimic flying saucer maneuvers?
Aerodynamic skip gliding
A unique shape, that helps it fly, login to see why
Omni-directional silent flight without spinning
Top Secret model performs an "impossible" right angle turn maneuver
No apparent external air control surfaces or power - that is; no flaps, rudders, ailerons, jets, props or rockets

In his classic book; "UFOs & Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig-Saw", Leonard G. Cramp elaborates on the "Aerodynamic pendulum effect of a descending bi-conic shaped disc". The author's experiment parallels the Potter UFO Glider; Cramp writes: "The reader can quite easily duplicate [this] experiment by forming a light weight disc out of two paper cones... and dropping it from a height. There you will see the characteristic of the falling leaf. ...The fact remains, when people have claimed to see saucers behaving like leaves, falling or otherwise, they are making at least one good piece of engineering sense."

But is this really
back engineered UFO technology?

No one really knows for sure what ufos are (except for their possible occupants or builders), theories range from hallucinations, meteors, alien interstellar star ships, time machines, inter-dimensional devices, ethereal life forms or top secret government aircraft and spacecraft.

The ufo glider mimics some of the behaviors associated with flying saucer lore; skip gliding, lightweight material, flight in any direction, no apparent means of control and with purchase; right angle turns.   buy top secret ufo

However, the ufo glider isn't indestructible, won't vanish into thin air, accelerate at unreal speeds or abduct anyone.

Top Secret Info
Once you become skilled at flying the Free Potter UFO Glider you can purchase the top secret 90 degree, right angle turn modification with the agreement form to the right.

If the UFO glider is flown from a height, like a stairway or balcony, it will glide down till it picks up enough speed to lift up, stall and then glide down again. The toy will repeat this flying saucer like skipping motion until it lands.
Paradisc Experiments: While the ufo glider addresses flying saucer maneuverability, concerning ufo propulsion
theories, click here to read about high 
temperature vortex experiments. 

Is this how real ufos work?

Although it is unlikely that UFOs are made of paper, whether any of the aerodynamic parallels between the ufo glider and "real" flying saucers are back engineered or just a coincidence remain unknown and at best speculative, at least until the U.S. Government opens up Area 51 to the public or friendly E.T. land their spaceships on the White House lawn.

While the ufo technology question cannot be easily answered, what can be demonstrated with this little toy is fun and intriguing.

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