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back engineered ufo technology | flying saucer vortex energy experiment
The Potter UFO Glider first flew in 1988 and was the cover story in the July 1989 issue of "The Journal of Borderland Research"
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Free Potter UFO Glider
Paradisc CAD generated image

UFO Vortex Effect Theory
I began experimenting with high temperature powered "paradiscs" in 1995. While the shape of the UFO glider is derived from alleged flying saucer photographs,
much of my work is extrapolated from the designs of the late Richard Benson, a former NASA engineer who proposed a similar back engineered "flying saucer". Rumor has it that the U.S. Patent Office stated that his theory violated the second law of thermodynamics - a scientific canon - and denied Benson a patent, without first testing the machine.
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Back Engineered UFO Technology?
Flying Saucer Vortex Experiment

Whatever UFOs may or may not be, witnesses often describe sightings involving fast spinning discs, alternatively this could be energy spinning around the flying saucer; a theoretical "vortex effect" that powers the UFO.

NASA engineer Benson theorized that hot gas exiting vents on top or underneath a disc craft would create this tornado or vortex effect; greatly increasing the machine's flying power. I may have accidentally produced this "hot whirlwind" effect in a paradisc experiment.

Hot whirlwinds can be observed in intense fire storms. A television news crew commented on a "heat tornado" seen on video shot at the Pines Fire near Julian, CA, in August 2002.

The CAD generated image depicts a paradisc model that flew, but was later accidentally destroyed in a test flight. A redesigned burner did not completely burn all the fuel which accumulated in the saucer envelope and when the fuel flow was increased, the unspent fuel ignited and flared out the top vents. The paradisc shot skyward rapidly, enveloped in a whirling fireball (Benson's ufo vortex?) before disintegrating.
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High Temperature Paradisc Animation

Low Temperature R.C. Paradisc Video

High Temperature Cylindrical Ballooncraft

Paradisc Experiments

High Temperature Paradisc
Successfully flown in 1995. Hot air, generated from a lightweight butane burner, filled the high temperature resistant envelope. The ballooncraft flew upwards for a few seconds at several m.p.h. while maintaining a controlled 45 degree angle and latitude direction. The gas flow was then valved off remotely and the disc craft returned quickly on the same glide slope. Other successful tests were performed at low altitudes.

Low Temperature R.C. Paradisc
Approximately 10 by 8 feet, was flown on calm days in 1996, successfully navigating around a parking area. This disc was later videotaped hovering inside a large garage, revealing its shape, structure and control mechanism.

High Temperature Cylindrical Ballooncraft
Flown with a unique carburetter propane burner (videotaped in 1996) pulling approximately one pound per 16 cubic feet of envelope volume. This is better than a 300% buoyancy improvement, per volume, in comparison to a standard hot air sports balloon and more than 50% savings in envelope square footage.
The videos show two different working models with different flight characteristics. They were flown inside a large barn.

The videos were shot with an inexpensive PC camera off a TV screen - they are grainy but still reveal the workings of these "back engineered UFOs". More information is available here.

The cylinder model is constructed to withstand the high temperature of its propane burner - it is being fed fuel through an attached line from a standard seven gallon tank. This model has 3 times the lift (or pull) of a hot air balloon and responds very quickly as the flow of fuel is increased or decreased. The model lacks any directional control mechanism but was used to test power and Benson's UFO whirlwind effect.

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